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Lanita and Jessika (Washington)
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Want to join fellow Canadian nurses working in the USA?

Travel nursing from Canada to the US is easier than you might think. At 澳门天天好彩, we handle the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best: taking care of patients. We鈥檒l take care of everything else.

And we mean EVERYTHING! We don鈥檛 think coming to the USA should cost you a lot of time or money. That鈥檚 why we offer this concierge service to make things as easy as possible.

Become a Canadian Nurse Working in the USA

International travel nursing can be intimidating. That鈥檚 why we walk you through each step of the process.

What鈥檚 the timeline for travel nursing from Canada? The short answer is around six months (with 澳门天天好彩). That鈥檚 around half the time it would take you to do it on your own or go through other Canadian travel nursing agencies. Our experts walk you through the process and review your paperwork for errors before you submit. We get you there faster by removing the barriers that slow your application.

As a Canadian nurse moving to the USA, here鈥檚 what you鈥檒l need:

  1. VisaScreen certification through CGFNS

    CGFNS evaluates your education/credentials and verifies that you can work in the US by granting the VisaScreen certification. If you qualify for our licensure project (see right) we'll reimburse your $540 application fee once you start working. And more good news ... we can take care of the following requirements simultaneously. Again, the ENTIRE process should only take six months.

  2. US State License

    You鈥檝e applied for VisaScreen certification. Great job! Now you need a US state license (we鈥檒l pay for this too if you qualify). This can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to be issued. Again, we can work on your license while you鈥檙e waiting for your VisaScreen certification.

  3. Book a travel nursing job!

    Now, you鈥檙e ready to go. Because you鈥檙e smart, you鈥檙e working with an experienced Canadian travel nursing agency. As we say in the US, 鈥渢his isn鈥檛 our first rodeo.鈥 We have deep relationships with facilities across the country. We know which healthcare facilities will book you with some of the paperwork pending.

  4. Border crossing documentation

    Congrats! You got a job and it鈥檚 time to join your fellow Canadian travel nurses in the USA! We鈥檒l walk you through what you need to bring. Gather that documentation and cross the border within 10 days of your contract start date. Request TN Status (AKA the TN Visa for Canadian nurses) at the border. Again, we鈥檒l help with this!

  5. Apply for a US Social Security Number

    Once you鈥檙e in the US, it鈥檚 time to apply for your social security number. This number allows you to work in any state. You should get your social security card in the mail in 4-8 weeks. This won鈥檛 affect your timeline. You can work at certain facilities while waiting for your social security card.

    (Offices are currently closed due to COVID-19. This doesn't affect your ability to work.)

If any of this sounds complicated, don鈥檛 worry! We send you detailed instructions for each step of the process, track the status of your application and provide updates along the way. We have an expert licensing team dedicated to Canadian nurses. They can answer questions and provide guidance. Contact them anytime!


Start My USA Journey Now

Start Travel Nursing in the US Today!

Here鈥檚 what it takes to qualify for 澳门天天好彩鈥檚 licensing project:

  • RN degree from a Canadian nursing program
  • At least 2 years of experience in your specialty
  • Proof you passed the NCLEX
Yes, I Qualify

If you don't fit these criteria, don't be discouraged. Get in touch with us, we're still happy to help any way we can.

Meet travel nurses
in the USA

Claudia with a bicycle.
Claudia, Travel RN (Texas)
Brandon and Tyler smiling in Times Square.
Brandon and Tyler, Travel RNs (NYC)
Amber taking a selfie standing in front of Horseshoe Bend.
Amber, Travel RN (Washington)
Map of the USA showing states Canadian nurses can work in.

澳门天天好彩 is the preferred supplier at multiple facilities in North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Washington and Texas. We can get you licensed quickly in those states. While you鈥檙e working your first contract (which will likely last 13 weeks or longer) we鈥檒l help you get licensed in any state of your choosing!

We have a deep understanding of the units we staff and of fluctuations in census across the country. Essentially, we know when facilities will need RNs. We can book you assignments months in advance and ensure the units you choose are a good fit for your skill set and personality. These career planning services are just part of the package you get with 澳门天天好彩.

澳门天天好彩 is your travel insurance policy.

International travel nursing opens the door to many wonderful experiences, but anytime you travel you may encounter bumps in the road. Things happen. When they do, we鈥檒l be there.

We have 9,000+ open RN assignments across the country. (If you ever have an assignment cancelled, we鈥檒l find you another #JobSecurity!) If you miss your flight and get stranded at the airport, if you have a clinical issue on the job, if you鈥檙e sick and can鈥檛 make a shift 鈥 never fear. We鈥檒l be here. 24/7. We鈥檒l send you an emergency contact number so you can reach us at all hours of the day or night.

Don鈥檛 want to go it alone? No problem. Bring a friend (or friends). If you ever get lonely as a Canadian nurse working in the USA, refer someone! With our smooth, easy process for getting you ready to work stateside, feel free to entice as many Canadian RNs as you鈥檇 like to join you on your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open FAQ question I want to be a Canadian nurse working in the USA. Can you help me?

If you skipped the top of this page you may not know, so we鈥檒l say it again 鈥 absolutely! Apply now and we鈥檒l help get you started.

Open FAQ question How easy is it to find international nursing jobs for Canadian nurses?

Pretty easy if you stick with us. We鈥檒l walk you through the process and make sure everything goes smoothly. We have an expert team who鈥檝e helped hundreds of Canadian nurses working in the USA. They can help you too.

Open FAQ question What is the average Nurse Salary (Canada vs. US)?

In general, you鈥檒l make more as a travel nurse in the United States than as a permanent nurse in Canada. Pay depends on where you go: states and specialties pay differently. Your recruiter (we鈥檒l assign you one when you apply) can help you maximize your pay!

Open FAQ question As a Canadian nurse working in the USA, where will I live?

Good question! That鈥檚 up to you. You can either choose housing that we provide or take a housing stipend and find a place on your own. If you prefer the stipend, our housing team can provide you with resources that should make your search easy and, dare we say, enjoyable?

Open FAQ question I searched 鈥渢ravel nurses USA鈥 and ended up here. Can you help me?

We鈥檇 love to! We bet we鈥檝e answered a lot of your questions higher up on this page. But, if you have a question that isn鈥檛 answered on this page or would just like to talk things through, contact us and we鈥檒l be in touch.

Open FAQ question How do I get a TN Visa for Canadian Nurses (AKA TN Status)?

澳门天天好彩 will provide your TN letter if you book an assignment with us. Travel nursing in the US here you come!

Open FAQ question What are the best Canadian travel nursing agencies?

We might be biased, but we think you鈥檝e found us. 馃槉 Check out our reviews if you鈥檙e looking for external corroboration that we鈥檙e one of the best travel nursing agencies for Canadian nurses.

Open FAQ question I鈥檓 a Canadian nurse moving to the USA. What support will you give me?

You鈥檒l have an entire 澳门天天好彩 support team to help with each step of your journey. Your recruiter is your first point of contact (he or she is your guru, your guide.) We鈥檒l also assign you housing, payroll and licensing experts 鈥 plus a travel experience specialist to make sure you鈥檙e happy with everything, down to the tiniest details of your assignment.

Open FAQ question Why do Canadian nurses migrate to the United States?

There are many reasons Canadian nurses work in the USA. Some are looking to expand their clinical skill set by working in new facilities, others want to travel to new and exciting places and some are looking to make great money. Some want all the above! Whatever your reasons for international travel nursing, we鈥檙e more than happy to help.

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